Dock Sides Bench 03000001 - 3 - GiantThe Dock Sides Bench provides comfortable seating for your dock or deck without taking up any valuable surface area. The angle of the seat back and the position of the arm rests were designed with human ergonomics in mind.

This is a commercial grade bench, built to last for many years.

The Dock Sides Bench mounts off the side of your dock or deck and utilizes two Dock Sides Receivers for quick and easy attachment and removal without the need for tools. The Bench is simply slid into the Receivers and pinned with a quick release pins.

NOTE: Although the Dock Sides Receivers are designed to fit most dock and deck styles, the Dock Sides Bench attachment is only to be used on docks and decks with adequate structural integrity. Light weight, portable aluminum docks may not provide enough structural side strength to support persons sitting on the Dock Sides Bench. If you are considering attaching the Dock Sides Bench to a non-permanent structure, please consult Dock Sides before proceeding.

Features include:

  • Spacious 5′ bench
  • Comfortable ergonomic seat back angle and arm rests
  • Marine grade aluminum construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with Dock Sides Receivers – no tools required
  • Mounts to two Dock Sides Receivers
  • Kit includes frame only but does include templates for making the bench planks and arm rests

P/N 86928

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