Cross Beam 28″ Extension

86934 Cross Beam Extension 1

The Dock Sides Slotted and Clamp Receivers with Cross Beam are designed to facilitate mounting on a 4′ wide dock.  Docks that measure 5′ or 6′ wide require our Cross Beam Extension.  The cross beam extension measures 28″ and secures to the cross beam member included with the slotted and clamp receivers. The Cross Beam … Details

Slotted Receiver with Cross Beam


The Slotted Receiver style coupled with the cross beam mounting bracket, provides a secure mounting solution for solid side rail docks.  The assembly mounts on the side rails of the solid rail style docks and is secures to the side rails with two bolts on each side. This receiver style is an especially good solution … Details

Flanged Slotted Receiver by Dock Sides

The Dock Sides Flanged Slotted Receiver Assembly is the core of the Dock Sides system.  The Receiver is the key to providing secure, easy out of sight mounting of all Dock Sides attachments for wood frame and certain metal frame docks/decks. The Flanged Slotted style receiver mounts to the underside  of wood and certain metal … Details