Slotted Receiver with Cross Beam – Galvanized

86901 SLOTTED RECEIVERThe Dock Sides Receiver is the core of the Dock Sides system.  The Receiver is the key to providing secure, easy, out of sight mounting for all the Dock Sides attachments.

There are a number of different dock and deck styles and the Receiver comes in three variations to accommodate mounting to your particular dock or deck style:

  • Slotted – for mounting to a wooden frame and certain metal frame dock or deck
  • Slotted with cross beam mounting bracket – for mounting to a solid side rail aluminum or steel dock or deck
  • Clamp with cross beam mounting bracket – for mounting to a truss style side rail aluminum or steel dock or deck

The Slotted style receiver coupled with the cross beam mounting bracket provides a secure mounting solution for solid side rail docks.  The assembly mounts on the side rails of solid rail style docks and is secured to the side rails with two bolts on each side.

This is an especially good solution or Bulmann docks, utilizing the bottom channel of the Bulmann dock side rail, It is easy to install and remove the receiver assembly, allowing you to easily relocate the receiver to a different location on your Bulmann dock if needed.

The Slotted style receiver with cross beam is composed of three components:

  • The Slotted Receiver itself, which is installed on one side rail of the dock and mounts the Dock Sides accessories
  • The Mounting Bracket, which is installed on the opposite side rail of the dock
  • The Cross Beam, which attaches between the Slotted Receiver and Mounting Bracket and provides load support for the Dock Sides accessories mounted to the Slotted Receiver.

Once mounted to your dock or deck, the Dock Sides attachments are simply slid into the Receiver and pinned with a quick release pin, which is included.  The ease of mounting Dock Sides attachments to the Receiver allows quick and easy swapping of attachments to reconfigure your dock or deck based on your desired activity.

Features include:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Mounting fasteners included
  • Quick release attachment mounting pin included
  • I-bolts allow you to secure the attachment for a stable fit
  • Mounts out of sight and will not obstruct boat docking or swimming activities when mounted on a dock

P/N 86919

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