Small Boat Ramp

The Dock Sides Small Boat Ramp provides an easy to use, economical, and space saving solution for out of the water dock side storage of your small boat.  The Small Boat Ramp combines heavy gauge aluminum construction, high quality non-marring roller system, and easy to operate winch, resulting in a small boat storage solution that is easy to deploy, easy to use, and built to last.

The Small Boat Ramp simply slides into the Dock Sides Receiver and is secured with a quick release pin, no tools required.  Your boat can then be loaded onto the Small Boat Ramp by attaching the winch strap and winching the small boat onto the rollers with very little effort.  To unload your boat, you simply reverse the winch and lower the boat down the rollers into the water.  The Small Boat Ramp design allows you to operate the winch from either the dock or the water.

The Small Boat Ramp will accommodate small boats up to 16 feet in length.  This unit features independently adjustable support legs to adapt to variable water depths and uneven underwater terrain.  The roller height is also adjustable and the roller bunks swivel to facilitate any hull design.

Although the Small Boat Ramp is built of heavy gauge material, because of its streamlined design and aluminum construction, the Small Boat Ramp is lightweight and easy to take in and out of the water in spring and fall.

If your dock situation is not conducive to attaching the Small Boat Ramp or you don’t have a dock, you can add the optional Front Leg Assembly. The Front Leg Assembly option makes the Small Boat Ramp free standing and completely independent of the dock.

Features include:

  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction for light weight strength and corrosion resistance
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with Dock Sides Receiver – no tools required
  • Light weight, streamlined design for easy deployment and removal
  • Independently adjustable support legs to accommodate variable water depths and bottom terrain
  • Large foot pads provide excellent stability even on soft water bottoms
  • Optional longer legs for deeper water installs
  • 1500 lb. capacity winch
    • corrosion resistant zinc plating
    • 3:1 gear ratio
  • 4’ roller bunks
    • corrosion resistant galvanizing
    • 5 sets of rollers
    • 2 ½“ poly vinyl long life, non-marking rollers
    • pivoting, adjustable height mounting bracket

Suggested Retail Price: $1,849.99
P/N 07000001

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