Stand Mounting Base

86929 Stand Mounting BaseThe Dock Sides Stand attachment provides a sturdy mounting platform for easily adding an umbrella, shower, light pole, or flag pole to your dock or deck without taking up any valuable surface area. Although designed for mounting Wanda umbrellas and the Game solar shower, the Stand’s universal mounting plate facilitates a number of other manufacturers’ umbrellas and showers.  The Stand will also provide as a  mounting platform for most light and flag poles.

Beat the Heat with a Dock Umbrella

Mounting an umbrella on docks and decks has long been a challenge due to two main issues – providing adequate mounting stability and not intruding on valuable surface space. In many situations, these two issues are in direct conflict with one another. In order to provide a secure and stable mounting solution, i.e., stacking a pile of weight on the umbrella base, surface area is sacrificed.

With the Dock Sides system, utilizing the Stand attachment, mounting an umbrella to your dock or deck becomes a snap. You get a sturdy mount without sacrificing any dock or deck surface area.

Dock Sides has partnered with Wanda to provide a wide range of quality offset (side post) umbrellas, from an economical base model to the feature rich commercial grade umbrella.  Umbrellas are availabile in many sizes and fabrics.

Cool Down or Rinse Off with a Convenient Shower

How nice would it be to have a shower on your dock or deck? Showers are perfect for a quick rinse off after being in the pool or lake and after sun bathing.  Wouldn’t it be great to rinse dirt off the kids or pets before they track it in the house? Even better, wouldn’t it be nice if it was a hot shower? Now you can add that hot shower to your dock or deck by utilizing the Dock Sides Stand attachment to mount the Game Solar Shower and simply hook it up to your hose. The Dock Sides Stand mounts off the side of your dock or deck and utilizes the Dock Sides Receiver for quick and easy attachment and removal. The Stand, with the attached umbrella or shower, is simply slid into the Receivers and pinned with a quick release pin.

Features include:

  • Marine-grade powder coated aluminum construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with Dock Sides Receiver
  • Mounting for all Wanda offset (side post) umbrellas
  • Milano (UM530P, UM533P, UM538P, UM548P, UM630P, UM633P, UM643P, UM638P, UM648P, UM833P)
  • Portofino (UP320X, UP323X, UP330X, UP330P, UP333X, UP333P, UP338P)
  • Sorrento (US220X, US223X,US230X)
  • Roma (UR430X, UR430P)
  • Baja (UB130X)
  • Mounting for Game Solar Shower

P/N 86929-01

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