Stand Mounting Base

86929 Stand Mounting Base

The Dock Sides Stand attachment provides a sturdy mounting platform for easily adding an umbrella, shower, light pole, or flag pole to your dock or deck without taking up any valuable surface area. Although designed for mounting Wanda umbrellas and the Game solar shower, the Stand’s universal mounting plate facilitates a number of other manufacturers’ … Details

Wanda Sorrento 8’ Square Umbrella (US220X)

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE The Wanda 8′ Square Sorrento tilting offset patio umbrella offers the Wanda quality and features in a smaller and more economical package, perfect for most dock and smaller deck applications.  This umbrella offers you the advantage of placing your patio furniture where you like without having to work around a center pole. … Details

Wanda Umbrella Wind Stabilizer (UA-WS01)

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE The Wind Stabilizer was created to steady the front, back, and sides of the umbrella during windy conditions. It’s user friendly clamps attach to the center post and frame for easy installation.         Features include: Helps steady the umbrella during use Compatible with most square shaped side post umbrellas … Details

Wanda Umbrella Protective Cover (UAPC-02)

The protective cover was created to keep your umbrella protected while not in use, and free from the elements during winter storage.  It has an easy to use special rod that temporarily attaches to the end of the zipper so you can easily reach to the top and unzip it without having to remove your … Details