Vertical Kayak Rack – Galvanized

Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack - 10000100 - 3 - GiantThe Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack makes mounting a pair of kayaks on your dock a snap.  And you get a cost effective and sturdy mount without sacrificing any dock surface area.  The Vertical Kayak Rack consists of four J-hook style brackets which are mounted on two  hot dipped galvanized steel tube uprights.  You simply rest your kayak on its side in the J-hooks and secure it with two securing straps which are easily secured and released.

Mounting kayaks on docks is a challenge due to two main issues – providing adequate mounting stability and not intruding on valuable surface space.  Placing kayaks directly on your dock surface takes up a large amount of valuable space and can cause traffic problems, and in turn, safety issues.

The Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack mounts off the side of your dock or deck and utilizes the Dock Sides Receiver for quick and easy attachment and removal without the need for tools.  The Vertical Kayak Racks are simply slid into the Receivers and pinned with a quick release pin.  When not in use, the racks are just as quickly and easily removed to make way for docking, swimming, other activities, or another Dock Sides accessory.

Features include:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Easy transportability
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with Dock Sides Receiver – no tools required
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel J-hooks
  • Easy secure and release straps for securing kayak

P/N 86922

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DockSides Kayak Rack from Jeff Minert on Vimeo.

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