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Cross Beam 30″ Extension

86934 Cross Beam Extension 1

The Dock Sides Slotted and Flanged Receivers with Cross Beam are designed to facilitate mounting on a 4′ wide dock.  Docks that measure 5′ or 6′ wide require our Cross Beam Extension.  The cross beam extension measures 30″ and secures to the cross beam member included with the slotted and flanged receivers. The Cross Beam … Details

Flanged Receiver with Cross Beam

The Flanged Receiver style coupled with the cross beam mounting bracket and flanged back plate, provide a secure mounting solution for aluminum, truss frame and steel docks.  The assembly mounts on the side and under side rails of rail style docks.  The Receiver secures with two bolts from the side.   The Flanged Receiver with … Details

Slotted Receiver with Cross Beam

Slotted Receiver

  The Slotted Receiver style coupled with the cross beam mounting bracket and flat back plate, provides a secure mounting solution for solid side rail and steel docks.  The assembly mounts on the under side rails of the solid rail style docks and secures with two bolts on each side.   The Slotted receiver with … Details

Flanged Slotted Receiver by Dock Sides

The Dock Sides Flanged Slotted Receiver Assembly is the core of the Dock Sides system.  The Receiver is the key to providing secure, easy out of sight mounting of all Dock Sides attachments for wood frame and certain metal frame docks/decks with structural cross members. The Flanged Slotted style receiver mounts to the underside  of … Details

Dock Box Mounting Bracket by M.C. Docks

Dock Sides Dock Box Bracket with Dock Box 08000011 - 1 - Giant

The Dock Sides Dock Box Mounting brackets provide a sturdy mounting platform for a dock or deck storage box without taking up any valuable surface area.  The Dock Box Mount consists of two mounting arms made of structural aluminum.  When installed into a Receiver, the arms provide a platform surface.  This mounting surface will accommodate … Details

Dock Sides Canoe Rack

Dock Sides Dock Box Bracket with Canoe Rack 08000101 - 6 - Giant

Eliminate the Canoe Obstacle on Your Dock The best way to store a canoe is upside down.  However, this is challenging on a boat dock or pier.  Valuable dock surface space is easily wasted and poses safety issues. What if you could store your upside down canoe off the side of the dock and out … Details

Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack

Dock Sides Dock Box Bracket with Dual Kayak Rack 08000201 - 3 - Giant

The Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack by Dock Sides provides a great storage solution for water sport enthusiasts.  Placing kayaks directly on your dock surface takes up a large amount of valuable space. Traffic and safety issues are only amplified with multiple kayaks.  Dock Sides Horizontal Kayak Rack allows the placement of two kayaks off … Details

Vertical Kayak Rack

Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack - 10000100 - 3 - Giant

The Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack makes mounting a pair of kayaks on your dock a snap.  You get a cost effective and sturdy mount without sacrificing any dock surface area.  The Vertical Kayak Rack consists of four J-hook style brackets which mount on two marine-grade, powder coated aluminum tube uprights.  You simply rest your … Details


Today’s struggling economy, high gas prices, and even higher air fares make taking vacation trips a real challenge for most peoples’ budgets.  But the need to relax and unwind may be greater than ever due to higher job stress, longer days, and increased workloads. So what’s the answer? Many people are finding their enjoyment and … Details

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Dock Safety

Nothing can end an enjoyable day of leisure quicker than a trip to the emergency room.  Eliminating hazardous environments is a key step to avoiding that emergency room visit.  This is even more critical in public dock areas, like parks and marinas, where accidents can also result in costly law suits. Docks are a wonderful … Details

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