Dock Sides Canoe Rack

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Eliminate the Canoe Obstacle on Your Dock

The best way to store a canoe is upside down.  However, this is challenging on a boat dock or pier.  Valuable dock surface space is easily wasted and poses safety issues.

What if you could store your upside down canoe off the side of the dock and out of the way?  The Dock Sides Canoe Rack solves this problem!

The dock side Canoe Rack is positioned off the side of your dock and out of the way. The side of the dock is a convenient location for storage allowing for easy retrieval and storage of your canoe when not in use.  The Canoe Rack is universal to all docks due to the use of Receivers designed to accommodate varies dock or pier types.

The Canoe Rack arms are made of structural aluminum tube providing a sturdy storage platform.  A black powder coat finish eliminates glare when accessory rack is not in use and compliments all dock surfaces.  Waterproof straps with cam safety buckles, easily and tightly secure the canoe to the rack arms.  To retrieve your canoe for use, simply loosen the poly straps at the cam buckle and then remove the canoe from the rack. At the end of the boating season, simply release the pin attaching the rack arms to the underside mounted Receiver and store until ready for the next season.

Features of the Dock Sides Canoe Rack include:

  • Stores canoe upside down, off the side of your dock
  • Side mounted for quick retrieval and storage
  • Sturdy, aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel fasteners for longevity
  • Marine-grade powder coat compliments all dock types.
  • Abrasion resistant Seaboard plastic resting plate won’t mar water toys
  • Requires two Receivers

P/N 86924-01

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