Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack

Dock Sides Dock Box Bracket with Dual Kayak Rack 08000201 - 3 - GiantThe Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack by Dock Sides provides a great storage solution for water sport enthusiasts.  Placing kayaks directly on your dock surface takes up a large amount of valuable space. Traffic and safety issues are only amplified with multiple kayaks.  Dock Sides Horizontal Kayak Rack allows the placement of two kayaks off the side of your dock or deck.

With the Dock Sides system, mounting kayaks on your dock becomes a snap.  You get a cost effective and sturdy mount without sacrificing any dock surface area.  The Kayak Rack attachment consists of four J-hook style brackets with non-marring seaboard plastic strips.  These brackets attach to an upright tube that inserts into Dock Sides Receivers.  First, simply rest your kayak on its side in the J-hooks. Next,  secure it with two weatherproof cam straps which easily tighten and release when the kayak is stored.

The Dock Sides Dual Horizontal Kayak Rack attaches off the side of your dock or deck utilizing the Dock Sides Receiver for quick and easy removal.  The kayak rack tubes are simply slid into the Receivers and secure with a quick release pin.

Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack Features include:

  • Marine-grade, powder coated aluminum construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Quick and easy installation and removal with Dock Sides Receiver
  • Heavy duty aluminum J-hooks with non-marring seaboard strips
  • Easy secure and release cam straps for securing kayak

P/N 86923-01

Manufactured in Northeast Ohio by

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DockSides Kayak Rack from Jeff Minert on Vimeo.

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