Flanged Slotted Receiver by Dock Sides

The Dock Sides Flanged Slotted Receiver Assembly is the core of the Dock Sides system.  The Receiver is the key to providing secure, easy out of sight mounting of all Dock Sides attachments for wood frame and certain metal frame docks/decks with structural cross members.

The Flanged Slotted style receiver mounts to the underside  of wood and certain metal  style docks/decks and is secured in place by six lag screws for wood frame or six bolts for metal frame.  This receiver provides a strong platform for mounting all the Dock Sides accessories, including the 5’ bench and up to 13’ side mount umbrellas.

Once mounted to your dock or deck, the Dock Sides attachments simply slid into the Receiver and secure with a quick release pin.  The ease of mounting Dock Sides attachments to the Receiver allows quick and easy swapping of attachments to reconfigure your dock or deck based on your desired activity.

Flanged Slotted Receiver Features include:

  • Marine-grade powder coated aluminum construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel mounting fasteners included
  • Quick release attachment mounting pin
  • Stainless steel hex head cap screws allow you to secure the attachment for a stable fit
  • Mounts out of sight and will not obstruct boat docking or swimming activities when mounted on a dock
  • Satin black marine-grade pwder coat compliments all dock surfaces

The Receiver comes in three variations to accommodate mounting to your particular dock or deck style.  Check out our other Receivers listed below for the one best suited for your needs:

  • Flanged Slotted – for mounting to a wooden frame and certain metal frame dock or deck with structural cross members
  • Slotted with cross beam mounting bracket – for mounting to a solid side rail aluminum or steel dock or deck
  • Flanged with cross beam mounting bracket – for mounting to a truss style side rail aluminum or steel dock or deck

P/N 86920-01

Manufactured in Northeast Ohio by:

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