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Accessories for use on docks and decks

Dock Sides Accessories, LLC is located in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. We specialize in designing accessories for use on docks and decks. The Dock Sides system eliminates on-dock clutter which enhances dock safety. Since the Dock Sides system mounts under and flush with the side of the dock, there are no sharp brackets protruding … Details


Today’s struggling economy, high gas prices, and even higher air fares make taking vacation trips a real challenge for most peoples’ budgets.  But the need to relax and unwind may be greater than ever due to higher job stress, longer days, and increased workloads. So what’s the answer? Many people are finding their enjoyment and … Details

Dock Safety

Nothing can end an enjoyable day of leisure quicker than a trip to the emergency room.  Eliminating hazardous environments is a key step to avoiding that emergency room visit.  This is even more critical in public dock areas, like parks and marinas, where accidents can also result in costly law suits. Docks are a wonderful … Details

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