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Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack

Dock Sides Dock Box Bracket with Dual Kayak Rack 08000201 - 3 - Giant

The Dual Horizontal Kayak Storage Rack by Dock Sides provides a great storage solution for water sport enthusiasts.  Placing kayaks directly on your dock surface takes up a large amount of valuable space. Traffic and safety issues are only amplified with multiple kayaks.  Dock Sides Horizontal Kayak Rack allows the placement of two kayaks off … Details

Vertical Kayak Rack

Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack - 10000100 - 3 - Giant

The Dock Sides Vertical Kayak Rack makes mounting a pair of kayaks on your dock a snap.  You get a cost effective and sturdy mount without sacrificing any dock surface area.  The Vertical Kayak Rack consists of four J-hook style brackets which mount on two marine-grade, powder coated aluminum tube uprights.  You simply rest your … Details